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Studying abroad is clearly an interesting life experience altogether, but studying in a place so complex and varied as the United States is even more fascinating.Many international students say that studying in the US has helped them get out of their comfort zone, become more open-minded, and broaden their horizons.


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A Safe and Friendly English Speaking Country with Internationally Ranked Universities and Institutions and has a Modern Knowledge Economy focused on Service and High Tech Industries.Offering Top Value for Money, Indian students have been highly successful in finding employment at the end of their Ireland Study.

Study abroad tension free

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Germany is one of the largest countries of Europe, it’s impact on the continent as well as the global economy is huge, not just with regard to cutting-edge technology and research for the manufacturing sector but as an important global trading partner raising questions and providing solutions concerning social, political and economic issues.

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Embark on the journey for your dream University with Scholarsboat and discover the best universities around the world which cater exclusively to your needs, capabilities and requirements.

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Your package includes everything right from helping you choose the best universities to your accommodation assistance, part time job and  full time job assistance, visa and much more.Your entitlement is validated by agreements. Scholarsboat ensure that you shall positively get whatever is promised and agreed.

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Discover the answers of all yours unresolved and unanswered questions regarding your education abroad with Scholarsboat anytime and anywhere.Our counsellors(current or alumni of the respective universities) are available 24*7 to resolve all your queries in a hassle-free manner. Also, we can schedule an appointment for you before hand on the […]

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Established : 1845 QS Global World Ranking : #=283 Status : Public  Research Output : High Website : www.ucc.ie ABOUT UCC offers students a large variety of degree programmes to suit an extensive range of interests. UCC has four Colleges which deliver almost 70 undergraduate degree programmes to students. • College […]

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As a prominent study hub for nearly half a million international students, Canada is in high demand among a global network of aspiring learners. With the help of the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), the reason for Canada’s growing popularity has been outlined by its president, Karen McBride. As […]

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I have used this website to communicate…I can say that it is really helpful…everything was fine and it helped me alot…totally worth it..so thanks scholarsboat team.
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Himanshu Choudhary Student
I have visited a wide range of sites for my purposes but scholarsboat is the only one who can satisfy my all purposes at one place. Along with catchy appearance it does solve problems at it’s best. The thing which is most impressive is that it covers the entire journey , from exam forms to accommodation and part time jobs also. Management has done a great job.

How it works ?

SCHOLARSBOAT is a free of cost interactive platform which aims to resolve your queries and problems regarding your education abroad, by bringing together the students who are planning to study abroad and the students who are already studying or are alumni of respective universities to solve all your queries directly, without any middlemen.

The students can schedule appointments to have an interactive session with the student counsellors present at various universities, through our website and mobile App where all the queries shall be resolved right from visa, jobs to accommodation. You can also drop a mail to us at scholarsboatofficial@gmail.com and our counsellors shall reply to you within 48 hours.

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About us

The aim of Scholarsboat is to serve as a platform for the students planning to study abroad by providing one to one interaction with students who are either a current member at your chosen respective college or an ex- alumini of the same.

Our counsellors are here to help you embark on your voyage to an international location by providing you a glimpse of the existing life scenario and problems that you are likely to face right from your part time jobs to your boarding and lodging expenses, we are here to help you.

Scholarsboat is a platform developed to bridge the gap for information and professional guidance needed in the field of Overseas Education. We at Scholarsboat , provide a quality holistic services and strives for success for all its stakeholders through hard work and dedication.